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Fundraisers, Trainings, or Inspiration


     Tyra Deanna is a non-denominational pro-life speaker. She is a published author of three books. Tyra has been and educator for over 14 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to parenting. Tyra shares and amazing story of overcoming obstacle a woman of faith.   .  


 Tyra has also been instrumental in setting many children free from oppression that effect emotional behavior. She also guides parents in taking charge of their households and placing structure back into the home.   

Tyra Deanna specializes in these topics:

  • Finding your destiny and purpose 
  • Setting students free 
  •  Telling the story of how a Crisis Pregnancy Counselor saved she and her baby 
  •  Bringing Christ back into our schools 
  •  Dating Issues 
  •  Parenting Classes with Certificate   
  • Parenting Seminars 
  • Non-denominational women conferences     


Varies upon location and topics. 

Tyra prices are some of the most affordable, her goal is to bless others while taking care of her family. 

 Most prices very from $500-$2000 depending on travel.